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What Our Customers Are Saying

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank 911 Real Estate Solutions for the help that was given me.I now have more peace and freedom as I trusted you and my life is now moving in a better direction.As a single mom facing foreclosure,I was really stressed to say the least.Life dosen't always go smoothly.

Let me tell you all what Jeff did! He caught up my loan that was behind 5 months. He made all the repairs and payments till the house sold.He even went so far as to get me into a great apartment,which I truly love! He put everything in writing upfront and kept his word.
Thank you so much, my son and I are  happy with the results. Sincerely
Marnie P.
Tampa, FL

We were facing foreclosure,about to loose our house.More was owed than our house was worth,and we couldn't afford the repairs needed to get it into marketable condition.
Jeff offered us hope! He stopped the foreclosure, and worked with us on the timing of our move.He dealt with the bank and their attorney,and bought our house "as is".Our loan is settled,and our credit score is on its way back up.We're excited about our future now! We had a positive experience and would recommend him to others.Thanks Jeff

Michael and Rhonda C.
Plant City, FL

My house was in need of extensive repairs and the debt was greater than the value. You negotiated with my lenders, took care of all of the paperwork and I didn't even have to pay the closing costs! You explained everything in detail before hand so that I could understand. I felt good about your proposal before you got started and I would recommend you to others who are in the same situation. They can trust you.

Karen S
Brandon, FL

Being 5 payments behind about to lose our house wasen't fun.Jeff asked us what we wanted to accomplish right from the start. He offered a solution that met our needs and was easy to understand.It was a plan that we felt good about.

Thanks Jeff. We recommend you to others.

Missy and Doug W
Riverview, FL

Jeff contacted me regarding my foreclosure in Dec 2002. He had a solution for me at that time but I thought I could fix my problem with a refinance or a bankruptcy. Neither worked but I delayed in allowing Jeff to help me because the debt on the house was more than the house was worth. I found it hard to believe that Jeff could buy the house and satisfy the bank at the same time but through negotiations with my lender, not only did the bank take less than what was owed but they agreed not to place a deficiency judgement on me....meaning that I did not have to pay the rest of the loan!

Thank you Jeff for being persistent, by calling and checking on me even when I had my own plans to solve the problem. (You knew my way was going to fail, didn't you?) If you hadn't been persistent, my house would have been sold at auction and financial judgments could have been placed against me.  Even though I didn't believe that  it could ever be done, Jeff showed me that what I thought was impossible, was possible. This debt relief allows me to look more positively at life and my future!
Kamiamia M
Brandon, FL

My husband and I are very pleased with the transaction and can't thank you enough. We would be happy to tell our foreclosure story to anyone interested in hearing it. You were our angels from heaven when we had given up all hope. You can give our names and numbers to anyone interested in the way you do business. I would recommend you highly to anybody!

Jackie and Mike G.
Valrico, FL

Facing foreclosure, frustrated with high debt and much needed repairs, I could not sell with a realtor. Jeff explained how he would speak to my lender, attempt to reduce the debt owed, and take care of all the paperwork.  He answered our questions and explained things clearly. He gave us peace of mind, confidence, and most of all freedom We recommend him to anyone!

John and Debbie P
Tampa, FL

I called the "I Buy Houses" people but they either wanted me to pay them or they were not sincere about meeting my needs. Not so with Jeff. He worked with my lender, stopped two of my foreclosures, and handled all of the paperwork so I could concentrate on my personal business and enjoy the freedom of getting on with my life. He is friendly, sincere, and trustworthy and I would recommend him to others.

Darron M
Clearwater, FL

I needed someone to trust and Jeff gave me confidence by laying out a plan, establishing goals, and being accountable for the process. He handled everything so that I could have peace of mind along with the freedom to concentrate on what I needed to do, which was reclocating. I would recommend 911 Real Estate Solutions and Jeff as honest, trustworthy, and hardworking. My experience was pleasant and the outcome was positive. Oh! and did I mention FAST!

Steve H
Tampa, FL

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